Prepare a delicious jam with marijuana at home

Written by on 5 September, 2020

Cannabis lovers are always looking for new recipes to enjoy their favorite cannabis, if you are one of them, you will surely like the idea of learning how to make a delicious marijuana jam.

Cannabis jam is a very simple recipe to make and the ingredients and materials you need are very easy to get.

You can delight with this rich recipe in your breakfasts accompanied with toast, cookies or simply have fun your afternoons with this delicious snack. Look at this post and take note of each step so you can prepare it at home.

What ingredients and materials do you need?

-4 tablespoons of honey with cannabis.

-2 cups of sugar.

-¼ cup of lemon juice.

-4 cups of fruit cut into pieces; you can choose strawberries, plums or the fruit you prefer.

-2 small glass jars with lids.

-One small casserole.

-One wooden spoon.

Steps to follow

1- Place the sugar and lemon juice in the casserole and simmer until the sugar dissolves.

2- Then add the fruit to the mixture stir well and continue cooking for about 20 minutes. It should acquire a reduced and sticky consistency.

3- While the fruit is cooking, place two spoonful of cannabis honey in each jar.

4- Once the fruit mixture is ready, while it is still hot, divide it between the two jars and with the spoon mix everything completely so that the cannabis honey is distributed throughout the jam.

5- Let it cool down to room temperature and store your jars in the refrigerator, make sure you close them tightly.

In addition, that is it; you can now accompany your sweet dishes with this cannabis jam. Just remember that, just like when you enjoy other foods, it is ideal to take into account that this method of consumption takes longer to feel its effects and is much more powerful than others are, so consume in moderation.


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