Prepare a delicious hamburger cannabic

Written by on 29 September, 2020

If you want a delicious cannabic meal, how about preparing a nice hamburger with marijuana, you don’t know how to do it? Well, don’t worry, we’ll give you the recipe right away.


Well first, make sure you get quality ingredients. To make this recipe (for 2 hamburgers) you will need:

-500g of minced beef.

-2 eggs.

-Olive oil.

-1 onion, finely chopped.

-0,5g of finely crushed and decarboxylated marijuana bud.

-Condiments like paprika, pepper, salt and garlic.

-Bread of hamburger.

-Lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkin, cheese and sauces (of your preference).

Let’s get to work!

1) In a bowl add the meat, the chopped onion, the marijuana, an egg and the condiments, and mix them very well with your hands until you get a uniform consistency.

2) To make the shape of the hamburgers, first sprinkle some flour on a clean surface so that the meat does not stick. When you have done this, take your mixture and crush it on the surface, trying to make them have an even thickness. You will need to get some thick, rounded medallions. When they are ready, put them on a plate and put them in the fridge for a couple of hours.

3) Once the time has passed, take the burgers out of the fridge. In three different plates, put in one, a little flour, in the other a beaten egg, and in the third plate breadcrumbs. Then take the hamburgers and pass them through each plate, first through the flour, then through the egg and finally through the breadcrumbs, in this way they will be ready to fry.

4) To cook the hamburgers, heat a frying pan to a high temperature with a little olive oil, and place the hamburgers. Then, after one minute, turn them over.

Then lower the fire to medium temperature and continue cooking for at least 5-10 minutes, turning them over from time to time, until the meat is ready.

5) Afterwards, only the rolls and the garnishes remain. Add whatever you want, you can add some cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkin and delicious sauces.


As you will be able to realize, to make cannabic burgers is very simple, in addition this plate is very flavorful, but be careful, remembers that the cannabic edible ones take a few hours in doing effect and in addition this one is more powerful and lasting.

Keep in mind that the power and effect of these hamburgers will also depend on the type of variety that you choose, and the amount of mota that you use. This recipe only contains an estimated amount of marijuana, so calculate the doses according to your own experience.

Consume little by little, and small portions. When it comes to food, we recommend that you wait a few hours to see how your body reacts before eating any more. If you abuse the food, you could have a very unpleasant experience.


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