Methods of smoking marijuana

Written by on 25 October, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are more and more methods to be able to enjoy the effects and properties of the marijuana. Many consumers prefer to smoke it, if you are within which they like this option more, this post is going to interest to you, because we will present/display to you diverse methods with which you will be able to smoke the cannabis.


1) Joints, blunts and spliffs

One of the most classic forms to consume marijuana is by means of a joint, blunts or spliffs, these three methods are very similar, nevertheless, they have particular characteristics and therefore, the effect that they cause is not equal.

The joints are like a cigarette that contains only cannabis, which, is armed with rolling paper. The joints are similar, but, in addition to marijuana (crushed), tobacco is also added.

On the other sense, blunts are different from the previous methods because blunts have a cigar wrapper instead of rolling paper.

2) Pipes

If you don’t have rolling papers on hand, having a pipe to smoke cannabis can be a great alternative for you.

These devices are usually portable, lightweight, cheap, and easy to use and you can choose from a variety of designs and colors.

3) Bongs

The bongs or water pipes offer to the consumers of marijuana smooth and fresh puffs to you, thanks to which the smoke filters through the water. Water-cools the smoke, reason why the experience can become much more pleasant.

This device can provide to the consumer a good amount of smoke in a single puff, and usually cause intense and strong effects, which tend to feel quickly. In the cannabis market, they are available in an ample variety of models that vary in colors, materials with which they are made (plastic, glass, ceramics, among others), sizes and forms.






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