Meet the filling adapter for the Mighty or Crafty Vaporizer

Written by on 29 June, 2020

Many of the cannabis users prefer to vaporize the marijuana instead of smoking it, surely, you are in the search or you already acquired some of the vaporizers, that are in the market, like the Mighty or Crafty vaporizer; this post is perfect for you, because here we will talk about one of the accessories for this device.

The filling adapter

This is the product, we want to talk to you about the filling adapter for the Mighty or Crafty vaporizer, an accessory with which you can fill the cup of your consumer device, without having to waste any of your plants, and you know what that means, you will have the opportunity to make the most of your vegetable matter.

This piece looks similar to a conventional grinder, with the difference that it does not have the teeth of this tool used to crush cannabis.

Physically, the filling adapter is cylindrical, with a transparent lid, and a hole in the center with a cap, which measures what is needed to fit perfectly to the nozzle of the filling chamber, so that, as we mentioned before, not to waste the cannabis. It is also made of plastic and very resistant.

This device is very easy to use and although it regularly comes with the original Mighty vaporizer, it never hurts to know its features and buy a spare one, in case you lose it. In any case, we recommend that you keep it in a safe place to avoid losing it.

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