Marijuana buds vs. Concentrates. Which one should I choose?

Written by on 4 May, 2021

When it comes to getting high with marijuana there are ways to do it, one of the most traditional, of course, are the buds of our weed, however, cannabis concentrates are also currently the preferred choice of many smokers.

The truth is that each of these forms of consumption can offer you a different experience but which one to choose? Well, keep reading this post…


When we talk about the potency of buds and concentrates, the latter are always going to win this aspect. As you know, a high quality bud can reach around 20 to 30% of THC, but a shatter or a high grade, rosin can range between 50% and 75% of this psychoactive cannabinoid. It’s crazy!

In this sense, with just a dab or a single inhalation of its vapor, cannabis users can get very high.

Beginning and duration of the effects

As for the beginning and duration of the effects, both forms of consumption are fast-acting, as you will feel the effects in a matter of seconds.

Likewise, the duration of the high can last for 1 to 3 hours.

Consumption methods

Concentrates are usually consumed with a dab rig, which can be a bit intimidating if you are new to using this device.

On the other hand, buds are usually consumed by rolling joints, so it is less complicated, and buds, being a more common cannabis presentation, are generally easier to obtain.

Buds or concentrates?

You already knew part of the differences and similarities between one form of consumption and another, so, as we have often told you, deciding on an option to enjoy your Mary Jane will really depend on your preferences. Choose the one you like the most, the important thing is that you have a pleasant time in the company of your weed.



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