Make delicious macaroni and cheese with marijuana

Written by on 2 August, 2020

If you are at home, and suddenly, you feel like eating something delicious, an excellent option is macaroni and cheese, because it does not require extremely complicated steps and you could add a special touch by adding cannabis. Would you like to prepare it, well here is the recipe (for approximately 4 people).

Now to start you need to make sure you get all the ingredients so you can prepare the macaroni and cheese cannabic, without inconvenience.


250 g of macaroni, olive oil, normal butter and cannabic butter, flour, 240 ml of milk, breadcrumbs, 200 g of cheese, salt and pepper.


1. First of all, preheat the oven to 110 degrees ( with heat up and down) Then, bring the water to a boil in a large pot to make the pasta.

When the water is boiling add a little salt, and add the macaroni. Try to cook them for less minutes than usual or as instructed by the manufacturer. Then drain them well and put them in a pot with a splash of olive oil.

2. Meanwhile, over a low heat, melt a tablespoon of normal butter in a large pan with four teaspoons of cannabic butter. Then, add two spoonful of flour, (while stirring). Moreover, let it toast a little without getting too much color.

Then, add the milk little by little, making sure to integrate it well with the flour (you can use some sticks to help you). Cook this mixture over a low heat until the milk is fully integrated and the mixture is thick.

Then add grated cheese (the one you prefer) to this sauce and stir it until it is even. We recommend that you try it to verify its flavor, and add salt and pepper.

3. Pour the macaroni into the pan where you have the delicious sauce and stir to incorporate it. Then take an oven dish (previously greased with butter) and add the macaroni.

Before putting them in the oven, add a little more cheese on top, breadcrumbs, and spices to taste. Now, bake it for about 25 or 40 minutes to make the preparation au gratin.


When it comes to cannabis food, try to eat small portions and wait to see how your body reacts, remember that with this method the effects of cannabis manifest themselves a few hours later and are usually more potent, if you abuse the proportions, the experience could be negative.

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