Learn how to prepare this exquisite white chocolate with marijuana

Written by on 5 February, 2021

Usually, a chocolate bar or bar of chocolate is irresistible to anyone and for cannabis lovers if it contains the special touch of her Mary Jane even more.

Well, this post is sure you will love it; we will teach you how to prepare an exquisite white chocolate with marijuana. Rest assured that you would live a most pleasant trip.

White chocolate with cannabis recipe

This recipe is very simple and perfect to prepare at home, it is also ideal to surprise your friends.

Ingredients and materials:

– 200 grams of white chocolate

– 15 grams of cannabis butter

– A casserole and a bowl to make the Bain Marie

– Mold

– Wooden spoon


1- To start preparing this recipe you will need to chop or chop the white chocolate bar. The intention is to have small pieces so that it melts faster.

2- Then heat a little water in a pan and place a bowl on top of it, on top of which you should put the chocolate to make the bain-marie. Be sure to stir constantly to prevent it from sticking, use a wooden spoon to help you.

3- Once the chocolate is melted, the next step is to add the marijuana butter. Stir well to integrate the ingredients.

4- When the mixture is as compact as possible, you should pour the mixture into the mold you have. Let it cool a little. Then take the chocolate to the refrigerator for 24 hours to harden and take the shape of a bar, and that’s it.

If you comply with all the steps, you just have to enjoy your delicious white chocolate; just remember that they are edible marijuana so go easy.


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