Learn how to make a delicious marijuana cupcake

Written by on 10 September, 2021

If you are one of those smokers who likes to cook delicious desserts, take advantage of this time at home to learn how to make a new recipe, with a special touch, using a special ingredient: your cannabis plants.

In this opportunity, we will explain you how to prepare delicious marijuana cupcakes, without too many complications. Read on.


Before you start with the steps for the marijuana cupcake recipe, you need to keep in mind that the consumption of marijuana cupcakes should be moderate, because by using marijuana butter as part of the ingredients, you are adding a psychoactive effect to this dessert.

Remember that the effect of cannabis food comes on late (usually after half an hour to two hours) unlike a joint, blunt or vaporizer, so it’s very easy to lose control.

In addition, edibles are more potent than smoked marijuana, in this sense, it is advisable to eat only a small bite of your desserts and wait to feel the effects it produces in the body, with this, and you can make sure you live a good experience and not the opposite, by exceeding, this case, with the cupcakes. Listen to your body!

Another thing we also advise you to do is to decarboxylate the marijuana before cooking, in case you prepare the marijuana butter yourself.


Back to the recipe. You will need to get several ingredients such as: 100 grams of marijuana butter (which you can buy or make yourself), 4 eggs, 50 grams of cocoa or chocolate powder, 1 glass with sugar, 1 sachet of yeast, 250 grams of sifted flour, lemon or orange peel, 4 ounces of cooking chocolate, and finally, 400 grams of regular butter.

Now, follow the next steps:

1) In a bowl, put the (normal) butter and the marijuana butter. If either or both are cold, you can put them in the microwave for a few minutes so that they are almost liquid.

Then add the sugar in the container and with the help of a stick start beating until it is a homogeneous mixture. Make sure that no lumps are formed.

2) Add the rest of the ingredients. First, the eggs, one by one, beating constantly. Then, add the cocoa and mix well until the preparation becomes a homogeneous chocolate color, and then add the grated orange or lemon rind and the sifted flour, little by little. Moreover, add the yeast.

3) Add the mixture to the cupcake moulds previously greased with normal butter. Also, preheat the oven to 250°C and put the tray in there, for about thirty minutes, (time is a guide, so we recommend checking them from time to time, to see if they are ready).

4) While the cupcakes are baking, put the ounces of chocolate to cook in a bain-marie, so that they melt, leaving liquids behind (Optional)

5) When the indicated time has elapsed, take the cupcakes out of the oven, wait for them to cool and then decorate with the chocolate or whatever, you wish.



























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