Know the “wake and bake”

Written by on 26 November, 2020

In the world of the marijuana different terms exist, codes and expressions used to refer to some of the cannabic activities, and one of them is indeed the expression “wake and bake”. You do not know what means, good you do not worry that immediately we counted it to you. So continue reading…

What is “wake and bake”?

“Wake and bake” is an expression that refers to the action to enjoy the marijuana to first hours of the day; an activity that usually makes diverse users of marijuana.

The reasons to have a session of “wake and bake” depend on each person. Anyway, here we will give you some simple advices so that you enjoy your morning session.

1) Choose a variety according to your agenda

Choose the cannabis strain according to what you plan to do during the day. Remember that there are many varieties of marijuana and each variety offers different effects and THC levels.

Depending on what you are going to do during the day, you can select a strain which leaves you stuck to the couch (effect associated with the indica varieties), or another which gives you energy, for example a sativa. There are multiple options.

2) Comfortable environment

In order for you to have a peaceful morning session, it is very important that you eliminate as much stress as possible, so we recommend that the place where you do your session be completely ready at the time of your relaxation. You don’t want to get high and have to do household chores such as washing or cleaning the house. Which brings us to the next point.

3) Prepare yourself in advance

Before your “wake and bake”, it is very important that you prepare yourself in advance, this way you can enjoy cannabis without interruptions, and with comfort.

For it, it destines in addition to a comfortable place, also a clothes with which you feel well, in addition prepares a good breakfast to you before consuming cannabis, and of course, it plans the meals of the day, if it is possible to leave them ready from the previous night, or at least selects the ingredients. Try to avoid unhealthy meals and stay well hydrated.

Final considerations

When you have a session early in the day, it is very easy to get lost in the cosmos, so we recommend you to be careful. Don’t overdo it, remember it’s all about having fun.




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