Know the difference between a high and a rush

Written by on 2 November, 2022

In the cannabic world diverse terms exist that are used to describe the effects that feel when consuming cannabis. Among them are the high and the rush. Many novices tend to use these words as synonyms, but in reality, they are two different things. If you don’t know the difference, don’t worry, this time we’ll tell you.

What is a high?

A high is usually associated with increased physical energy, feelings of emotional euphoria, inspiration and creativity. Many users of cannabis feel an improvement in the state of mind and usually become more imaginative, sociable, laughing and outgoing. Mainly the varieties linked to this effect are the sativas.

What is a rush?

On the contrary, unlike the high; the high is an experience characterized by a physical lethargy, a muscular relaxation and a mental apathy.

Generally, after consuming high levels of Tetrahydrocannabidiol (psychoactive component) and feeling the euphoria induced by its effects, there is usually a feeling of physical numbness and mental deceleration.

Many users indicate that the high is considered the peak before they start feeling high.

When you experience a high, you will probably not be very outgoing. If you are in this state, everything will seem to be in slow motion. The high also tends to “stick to the couch” as it is commonly called, so if you have something to do, it is not recommended to be high.

The indica varieties are considered the masters of the rush but this effect is not exclusive to these plants.

Final considerations

Each person is different, therefore, can get to experience different sensations to the one of other users of cannabis. It all depends on various factors such as the type of variety used, the potency of the strain, the tolerance level of the cannabis user, among others.

If you are novice in the cannabic world, it is recommendable to consume this plant in company of expert people, since due to the psychoactive components of the marijuana, sensations to which one is not accustomed can be experienced and effects that could arrive to make overwhelming.

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