Know how to roll a perfect joint

Written by on 6 October, 2020

The joints are one of the most used methods of consumption among the cannabis community. To learn to roll them correctly is an art, but do not worry, it is not so difficult.

If you are just beginning in the world of the marijuana, surely, you would like to know how you could roll your joints correctly, so, stay with us because precisely in this post we will give you some advices for it.

Steps to roll a joint

The first thing you have to do to roll your joint is to get all the materials you will need.

Select your favorite marijuana, rolling paper, filter or cardboard to make it, a grinder, a rolling tray, and a pen to help you press the joint.

Step 1: Crush your cannabis

With the help of the grinder, it begins to crush the marijuana. It crushes the cannabis well but without turning it into powder.

Step 2: Make the filter

Although using a joint filter is not mandatory, many users use them because they allow them to smoke their entire plant without wasting anything and make it easier to roll the joints.

You can buy the filters in a store or make them from materials you might have at home such as cardboard or paper.

Step 3: Put your cannabis on the paper

In the cannabis market there is a great variety of rolling papers, made with different materials, choose the one you like.

Once you have the paper that you are going to use, take it and places the marijuana on him, (generally, half gram) and assure you that the adhesive part is upwards, by the face by where you are going to place the marijuana.

Distribute well the cannabis throughout the paper, leaving only one clean end to place the filter.

Step 4: Roll the joint

Introduce the nozzle or filter in the side where it was clean, take advantage of the cylindrical form of the same one to give form to your joint. Take the paper and with one hand hold the filter, and turn it up and down, with the other hand imitate the movement giving the joint a cylindrical shape, from where the filter is to the end, going up and down the paper.

To roll your joints is ideal to use a rolling tray, as they can place your joints, and help you not waste anything of your cannabis, as it will be easier to collect any piece of cannabis that falls.

Step 5: Seal the joint and press it

Once you have rolled it enough, until you get the shape of the joint, it is time to close it and seal it.

Moisten the glue on the paper slightly with your tongue, and always paste it keeping the paper taut so as not to lose the cylindrical shape formed.

With the help of a pen or a sharp and fine object, press the joint at the end that is open, but without pressing it too much.

Step 6: Twist the end of the joint

The other end of your joint, the one without the nozzle, you must seal it by turning the excess paper, so that nothing of your cannabis falls out.

When you smoke it, you must light it by the rolled end.

That’s it, enjoy your marijuana joints with your friends. Properly roll your joints will allow you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.









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