Joints, Canutes or Blunts, which one to choose?

Written by on 18 September, 2020

Joints, Canutes or blunts are very similar methods of smoking cannabis and getting high. If you are just getting to know these alternatives of consumption, it is probable that you do not know how to distinguish between one and the other, but do not worry, in a post we will talk to you about each one so that you learn to differentiate them.

1- Joints

The joints are a cigarette that contains only cannabis. This form of consumption is one of the most popular and common among the fans of this plant.

These cigarettes, besides being accessible, are very easy to assemble; you only need a good cannabis bud and rolling paper.

To facilitate the rolling process, many users use a grinder to crush the marijuana. Once you select the rolling paper you will use, place your cannabis on the paper, and roll your joint in a cylindrical shape, just like that.

The paper can be of different sizes and be made of different materials (hemp, rice or linen) choose the one you like best.

The only thing that might discourage some smokers is that the joints burn too quickly; this could be due to a rolling technique that is too loose or pressed.

You can enjoy the effects of your joint alone or with a few friends, as you prefer.

2- Canute

Although the canutes are very similar to the joints, they differ because in addition to cannabis they contain tobacco. This method of consumption is very popular especially in Europe.

To make your canutes you will also need paper, they can be long or short, and in the same way you will have to crush your cannabis, and then add the tobacco.

The tobacco will help your cannabis to be consumed at a balanced speed, and by combining your cannabis with this substance, your marijuana reserves will last much longer.

You will be able to enjoy your favorite cannabis and the stimulating effects of tobacco. However, keep in mind the consequences that snuff can cause in your health.

3- Blunts

This form of consumption differs from the previous ones because blunts have a cigar wrapper instead of rolling paper.

In addition, they may offer you a stronger effect, because their wrapper is usually wider and they may be loaded with more cannabis.

Blunts are perfect for special occasions. The presence of tobacco in their packaging adds the stimulation that many users desire. The combined taste of the wrapper and the cannabis will offer you a delicious experience.

Which is the best method?

As explained above, these three forms of consumption are very similar, but have particular characteristics.

The joints are perfect for those users who want to get high quickly, and are very simple and easy to assemble at any time.

The Canutes also represent an ideal option for smoking cannabis during the day.  The incorporation of tobacco adds a stimulating touch. On the other hand, the perfect blunts for those special moments.

Deciding which the best method is for you will depend on your preferences. Choose the one you like best and enjoy its psychoactive effects.


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