Joints, Blunts or Spliffs? What kind of joint do you prefer?

Written by on 8 May, 2020

The joint is what many Hispanic users call a hand-rolled or rolled-up marijuana or hashish cigarette. Americans or Anglo-Saxons call it joint, blunt or spliff, which are the 3 pillars of marijuana.

Here’s how to tell them apart. Each one provides a unique experience, aroma and high.


This is usually the first experience of the cannabis user. In simple terms, a joint consists of a small, rolling paper filled with only cannabis. The rolls are usually made from hemp, flax, rice or wood pulp and are generally unbleached.

There are also rolls of different sizes, depending on how big you want to make the joint. They provide a strong high due to their high volume of marijuana, and are often rolled up before the session so that they can be smoked one after the other, thus increasing the effect.


The heavyweight of the participants. One of the main differences between bunts and the other two types of cigarettes mentioned above is the paper used to roll them. In this case, hollow cigars are used. Often sweet and rich, cigarette papers bring a unique and varied flavor to the experience.

Some say that it does not enhance the taste of certain varieties, while others say that it does complement it. Tobacco wrappers can be easily identified by their larger size and dark brown color. Considerably larger in diameter and length than joints and spliffs, the blunt fits more marijuana, and therefore lasts longer.

Blunts are more focused on group smoking, where they are often passed between colleagues. Given the slow speed at which tobacco paper burns, and the amount of marijuana it contains, even the most experienced smoker will have difficulty finishing a blunt in one sitting.


The spliffs occupy a middle ground. They are composed of a mixture of marijuana and tobacco, allowing variations in the proportion of both. This is especially useful for controlling the level of the high you want to get.

Tobacco causes a physical energy effect that can be useful in balancing a particularly strong Indica strain. This is especially beneficial if you smoke all day long but don’t want to feel too lethargic. Like joints, spliffs are roll with a single piece of paper, usually made from hemp, flax, rice or unbleached wood pulp.

Which do you prefer?

Regardless of your choice, it’s a matter of understanding how these different types of spliffs can affect the induced high. Spliffs are ideal for quick puffs throughout the day, while a joint provides a more intense high. However, if you prefer to watch the stars lying on the couch, the perfect choice is a blunt from an Indica variety. Another innovative form of the art of blunting is to use various papers to make longer, animal- or flower-shaped blunts.

So go ahead and fire up your joint, blunt or sliff with the strain that gives you the high of the fun.  Lunatic Level!

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