Jelly hash, a concentrate of cannabis of strong effect

Written by on 4 December, 2020

As a consumer of cannabis most likely you have already enjoyed the various experiences that, this world offers: joints, bongs, vaporizers, among others.

Well, fortunately of sure, always there is something that still you have left to experience because, the cannabic world is quite complex. In this opportunity, we want to speak to you about the jelly hash, a concentrate of cannabis that will surprise you. So continue reading.

What is jelly hash?

This concentrate is really little known, but that does not mean that it is not attractive. The truth is that jelly hash is quite strong. This type of hash is usually a mixture of bubble hash and hash oil, which are very potent as they come from the trichomes of the marijuana plant.

The bubble hash is produced by mechanical means with cold water and bags of mesh, whereas the hashish oil is usually extracted with butane or another solvent.


This concentrate offers various advantages to users but here we present three:

1) Many cannabinoids and terpenes

Just thinking that it is loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes made your mouth water, right. Well this concentrate given its high concentration of these components induces a strong effect and fast action.

2) Easy to consume

Moreover, if that wasn’t enough, this type of concentrate is easy to consume. By smoking the jelly hash, you can achieve the maximum potential.

Its solid but malleable character makes it ideal to add to a bong or a reed. It can be smoked alone or mixed with buds, extend the duration of your reserves.

3) Pleasant aromas and taste

If you are looking for something to delight your senses, jelly hash will surely surprise you. This concentrate has an earthy and strong aroma. Its taste will please you.


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