Is it necessary to clean my cannabis vaporizer?

Written by on 1 June, 2020

Vaporizers have become one of the most popular products in the cannabis industry, and it’s no wonder that the various models on the market offer users a tool to enjoy marijuana to the fullest.

After each cannabis session, just like when smoking a pipe or bong, residues will accumulate in your vaporizer. Over time, if you don’t clean up these residues, the quality of the vaporizer could diminish.

Keeping your vaporizer clean also helps to extend the life of your device and that it works almost like the first day, but if you are still not very convinced of the importance of cleaning it, here are some reasons why you should do so

1- Bad taste

Traces of plant material and sticky resin in your vaporizer can contribute to a bad taste after a while and not enjoy your experience.

2- Performance

Failure to clean your vaporizer can impair its operation, because the accumulation of debris will make your device work more than necessary, even that debris can block the heating chamber or damage it irreparably.

3- Clean vapor is healthier

Excess residue is a perfect reason for the development of bacteria and mold, these intruders could harm your health after causing irritation and respiratory problems.

When to clean your vaporizer?

You can do it in two ways, the first one is daily after each session, and the other one is to do a deep cleaning, once or twice a week. This last alternative is recommended when you change the variety or switch to concentrates.

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