Is it advisable to exhale the smoke through the nose?

Written by on 3 December, 2020

In the cannabis world, there are many alternatives to get high with marijuana, one of the most popular and easy is to roll a joint, light it and smoke it.

As a smoker, you have surely looked for new options to improve your experience. Some users try exhaling the smoke through their nose to better perceive the flavor of their pot, but is it advisable to do that? Well stay with us and know the answer.

Effects of releasing smoke through the nose

When you smoke marijuana there are two ways to expel the smoke from your body, the first is through your mouth, and the second through your nose. Although there is, no clear evidence that smoke exhaled through the nose is bad, doing it this way will cause you to expose your nostrils to irritation.

You see, there are several factors that can cause your nose to become irritated after releasing smoke through it. One of those factors we are talking about is heat.

Remember that smoke from burning plant material contains hot tar ingredients, which can injure and irritate the soft tissues of the nose, throat and respiratory tract.

So, when you exhale the smoke, if it’s still hot, your nose probably won’t like it very much and will end up irritated as we mentioned.

On the other hand, dry mouth is one of the most annoying side effects of smoking marijuana; surely, you have already experienced it. Therefore, if you smoke through your nose, you might also experience that dry feeling in your nose.

Therefore, it is ideal that when you smoke your joint, you minimize the risks and avoid exhaling the smoke through your nose so you can enjoy your “Mary Jane”. Good Smokes!

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