Intense High Party? Smoke with a Gravity Bong

Written by on 8 May, 2020

Haven’t you experienced an intense note? Today is the day for you to pay close attention to the next post. You’ll get an explosive note, if you try a smoke with a Gravity Bong.


A gravity bong is a water funnel for a highly concentrated smoke. It is made by using two empty funnels that push the smoke through the water to an outlet. Technically, the effect is a combination of gravity and increased water pressure.

Unlike a regular bong, these actually push the smoke into your airways and lungs. It sends out a powerful dose of THC in one go. For this reason, it is not a recommended consumption method for beginners, or at least, try it in the company of an experienced friend.

You can be more smoked than ever with the use of the gravity bongs, they need a lot of marijuana to work optimally. The process consists of vaporizing a full pipe with each puff. If you can’t stand this amount of smoke in your lungs, you’ll be wasting valuable weed. So, you have to make the most of it.


Gravity bongs are popular among smokers who are looking for a large dose of marijuana in a single puff, although not recommended for the weak or uninitiated, they can offer you an effect you’ve never experienced before, while saving a large amount of marijuana, giving you a different experience.

These ingenious devices can give you a super high, very quickly. Even if you are an experienced smoker, these bongs will send you into the stratosphere with just a couple of puffs. Simply for that reason, we recommend that you use the best strains you have to give yourself that sensational taste.

Go for it and don’t waste any time! Live the experience that will take you to the green world of your dreams…






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