Ideal gifts for a smoker

Written by on 7 August, 2020

Any time is ideal to give a cannabis gift to a smoker friend (either for his or her birthday, a special date or simply for wanting to have a detail with him or her), that’s why, on this occasion, we present you with a series of products, which you will surely love.

1) Grinder card

The grinder as it is also known is undoubtedly one of the indispensable tools of every cannabis user. If you want to surprise that friend who loves the grind, a card grinder can be an excellent option because, in addition to fulfilling perfectly the task of crushing the plant material, for its simple design, is very easy to use and take anywhere.

2) Tray to roll

If your friend already has the paper to assemble his joints, he will surely not mind a rolling tray as it allows you to collect the marijuana debris that falls when you roll your cannabis, and are very functional as they provide a space to have the accessories such as the grinder. They also come with different designs.

3) Hemp wick

This is a great alternative to conventional lighters and as its name suggests it is a wick made from hemp, which is also coated with beeswax.

The hemp wick once lit can then be used to light a bong or a reefer, and the best part is that it contains no harmful chemicals, so it’s a perfect gift.

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