How to use your entire cannabis plant?

Written by on 24 May, 2022

Usually, smokers who grow their own Mary Jane at harvest time are simply interested in the buds they are going to smoke, well, while we love those THC laden flowers too, there are other parts of the plant that can be put to good use.

Yes, that’s right, the next time you think about throwing away trimmings, stems or leaves think twice, you might be surprised at what you can do with them. Stay with us here we will tell you how to use your whole plant.

Use the leftover buds in your grinder

When you are going to smoke your buds, you will most likely use a grinder to grind your bud. Well, after you grind your marijuana check the bottom, that trichome rich powder you will find is what is known as Kief.

Kief is one of the best concentrates rated by some users, it is ideal for vaporizing or adding to your joint.

The leaves

The leaves of your joint can be used for many purposes. While it is true that this element does not contain too much THC concentration, you can vape them and even make extracts.

You can also use your leftover leaves to make Thai Sticks, a potent cannabis joint different from the traditional ones. To roll them you need marijuana leaves.

Use leftover cannabis as compost

If you realized that you haven’t really figured out how to use the leftovers from your Mary Jane, as we mentioned at the beginning, don’t ever get rid of anything!

Yes, even if we seem repetitive, there is always something you can do, you can choose to use those leftovers as compost for your garden, plus the environment will thank you.

Use your stems to make cannabutter

For those users who love to prepare marijuana edibles, having a cannabutter in their kitchen is essential to make their psychoactive dishes.

If you have run out of buds, one alternative you can put into practice is to use the stems of your cannabis flowers. Yes, this is a fantastic option to work out. When you go to prepare your cannabutter, don’t forget to decarboxylate your cannabis stems.


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