How to use the fan leaves

Written by on 13 December, 2020

Generally, all smokers are interested in its growing are its flowers loaded with resin to get “high”. However, if after the harvest you have some fan leaves left, you can also take advantage of them.

Yes, as you are reading, fan leaves can also be very useful, so next time you think about throwing them away forget about it, and use them, stay with us and know how you can do it.

Fan Leaves

The fan leaves, as its name indicates, are wide structures in the form of a fan that are born from the branches of marijuana plants. You may have observed these are the most populated leaves of your strains and are fundamental to the process of photosynthesis.

Although these leaves contain low levels of THC (approximately 0.3%), the idea is not to waste them and get the most out of your harvest.

Alternative uses of fan leaves

Make rolling papers

To roll a joint or a joint, one of the most important elements is the rolling paper. The cannabis market, there are many types of paper you can choose from. However, some smokers like to roll their joints with fan leaves. It will only take a little practice. The key will be to stretch the dries to make them easier to roll.

Make yourself a tea

The fan leaves can be used to prepare a delicious tea, and it is very easy to do. By putting the dry leaves in hot water, you will extract their tasty terpenes and you will get a very comforting drink.

Just remember that cannabinoids are not soluble in water, but you can extract them by adding a source of fat. You can add to your tea a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Also, note that to activate the THC you must decarboxylate your cannabis leaves in the oven.

Spice up your meals

You can use your fan leaves in your dishes as aromatic herbs. Sprinkle them on what you are going to eat, for example on dishes such as pizzas, salads and pasta. This way you won’t get high but you can use them as a condiment and change the taste of your food. You will be fascinated!

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