How to ROLL a Perfect Blunt?

Written by on 17 April, 2020

For non-expert smokers, rolling a Blunt is usually not easy. Follow our advice and you will be able to do it in a practical way and in a few steps.

A blunt is a cigar wrapper from which the tobacco has been removed and which has been refilled with cannabis flowers. Many people like blunts because of the pleasant taste of the marijuana cigar.

Read on and we will tell you how to learn the art of rolling a BLUNT!

You need: The strain you want, either indica for relaxation or sativa for intensity, a cigar wrap or blunt to put inside the cannabis. Finally, a grinder or sharp scissors to process the bud.



1) Place the bud in a quality grinder and turn it into a fine green powder. This will put more plant material into the blunt, help it burn evenly, and make it much easier to roll. If you don’t have a grinder, use a sharp pair of scissors.

2) Wet the blunt slightly to increase its flexibility. Most cigars are quite dry and can be very brittle, especially in the hands of a novice. The easiest way is to moisten the blunt with saliva or water and it will be easier to wrap.

Once the wrapper is moistened, start filling it with the processed herb, distributing it well throughout the blunt to make it easier to roll.

3) When the blunt is loaded with grass and a little wet, it is time to roll it. Hold the blunt with your thumbs and forefingers and start rolling and shaping it, spreading the marijuana evenly, folding the part of the blunt closest to you so that its outer side makes contact with the inner side on the opposite side.

Moisten the top of the wrap with your tongue and close the blunt, running your fingers along it to smooth it and make it stick well.

4) Finally, carefully pass the flame of a lighter along the sealed side; this will help the blunt close better and minimize any risk of opening in the middle of the session; it will also remove the moisture so that it burns evenly. READY!

Get ready to smoke your BLUNT, feel your HIGH relaxed or experience it intensely!

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