How to prevent your marijuana from spoiling

Written by on 29 August, 2022

You will probably agree with us that there is nothing more pleasant for a smoker than enjoying all the qualities of his Mary Jane to the fullest, its peculiar taste, aroma and psychoactive effect.

Well, it’s important for you to know that there are several factors that can contribute to the fact that that good quality vape you want so much can be completely spoiled or that the experience loses value.

Look at this post, we will give you 3 tips that will help you prevent your precious weed from getting ruined.

1- Don’t let it get wet

If you are going to smoke your weed in an outdoor space such as in the mountains, in the forest or at the beach avoid getting your Mary Jane full of soil or wet, therefore, store it properly in your backpack. Avoid storing your cannabis in plastic bags, as the buds will most likely get crushed when you carry it around.

If your marijuana falls into pools or the sea you will have to dispose of it, so take your precautions so that this does not happen.

2- Keep an eye on light exposure

As you know, light is necessary to grow marijuana, however once you have already done so, when it’s time to store it and prepare your weed for consumption, lighting becomes one of your enemies.

You see, light accelerates the degradation of THC, which is why it is recommended to store cannabis in a dark place to reduce exposure to lighting.

3- Take care of your cannabis from mold

One of the factors that you must avoid at all costs is that your precious buds are filled with mold, because if so, there will be nothing to do since you will have to discard them immediately.

To avoid this inconvenience, it is best to ensure that the place where you store your buds has an adequate temperature and humidity. Be sure to store your cannabis in a cool place.


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