How to preserve the flavor and aroma of your cannabis

Written by on 4 February, 2021

In addition to its psychoactive characteristics, we all love the flavor potential of marijuana, right. Well, as you may know, each cannabis strain can offer you a different aroma and flavor.

Generally, every Mary Jane smoker and grower would like to preserve as much as possible those fragrances and flavors they love so much, that’s why, in this post we will give you some tips for you to achieve it.

Use the right rolling papers

If you are one of those users who prefer to smoke a good joint and one of those who like to enjoy the taste and aroma of their Mary Jane to the fullest, then choosing a quality and natural rolling paper will be the best thing for you.

You see, the idea is to get rolling papers that do not contain additives or chemicals as they could modify the final flavor of your joint, and the idea is to preserve these characteristics of your marijuana.

Clean smoking accessories

To maximize the aroma and flavor of your precious marijuana, it is ideal to keep your smoking accessories, bongs, pipes, vaporizers, etc., clean.

Remember that after each session, residues accumulate that, over time, can contribute to bad taste, thus ruining your experience.

Avoid handling the buds too much

A simple alternative to preserve all the properties of your cannabis flowers is to avoid touching the trichomes too much. This will make it easier for you to achieve an intact terpene concentration.

You can put this advice into practice during all the growing and curing phases of your plants. In case it is necessary to handle your girls, be sure to do it very carefully.

Store hermetically

To ensure an aromatic and delicious 420 session, it is essential that the marijuana you have has been stored properly.

When you purchase your cannabis, do not store it in plastic bags as this material can contribute to the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is best to get an airtight glass container.

Also, store your marijuana in a cool, dark place until it is time to prepare your joint, light it and smoke it.


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