How to prepare honey with cannabis in simple steps

Written by on 8 September, 2020

The cannabic kitchen is very varied; you can elaborate different recipes to prepare delicious plates such as soups, chickens, and brownies, among others.

In this opportunity, we will explain to you how to make a honey with marijuana, perfect for the users with recreational or medicinal aims.

The recipe that we are going to present you is very simple to make, so, take note of each one of the steps.


– 325ml honey.

-3.5g cannabis flowers.

-½ cup of coconut oil (approximately 120ml)



-2 bottles for packaging.






-Wooden spoon.

Steps to follow:

1- To begin to elaborate this recipe it is necessary that previously you have decarboxylated your cannabis, if still you have not done it, you do not worry, is very easy.

Start by dividing your cannabis flowers into pieces and place them on a tray with baking paper and bake them at 110°C for about half an hour, and be sure to stir them every 15 minutes with the help of the wooden spoon.

2- Once the previous process is ready, place your decarboxylated cannabis in a jar with the coconut oil and close it with the lid.

3- In the pot put some water and let it boil. Then introduce the bottle containing the cannabis and the coconut oil in the boiling water, and leave it for two hours.

Once the two hours have passed, remove the bottle from the pot and let it cool down.

4- Later, place the cheesecloth on a bowl and strain the oil. Then mix the honey very well with the oil infused in the blender. It will be a soft and creamy mixture.

Place your mixture in another jar, and that’s it, you can use your honey to spread on toast or simply mix it with a cup of tea, as you prefer.


To ensure that your honey is powerful and delicious, do not forget to decarboxylate your cannabis. In addition, it is ideal to use marijuana of good quality so that the results are more satisfactory.

In addition, you must make sure to use oil to ensure that the components of your cannabis are integrated into your honey, as THC and other cannabinoids are only soluble in fat.


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