How to prepare delicious chocolate truffles with marijuana

Written by on 22 November, 2021

The chocolate truffles are a delicious dessert ideal to enjoy at any time, and what better if they have the magic touch of marijuana.

Cannabis and chocolate lovers will surely love this delicacy, so if you are one of them, stay with us so you can take note of the recipe we are going to present you and learn how to prepare this delicious dessert easily.

Ingredients you will need:

-¾ of condensed milk.

-100 g of cocoa powder or 250 g of chocolate.

-60 g of marijuana butter.

-½ teaspoon of aniseed essence, orange or liquor (whatever you prefer).


-1 casserole

-1 bowl, and a spoon

Steps to follow:

1- The first step is to put a casserole with water to warm up, on the same one-it places a container or bowl where we will cook the ingredients to bain-marie.

2- In the bowl, place the cocoa powder or the chocolate bars, and then add the condensed milk, the marijuana butter and the essence you have chosen.

3- Mix all the ingredients very well, once it is ready, let it rest for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, refrigerate the mixture for 4 or 5 hours to make it easier for you to put the balls together.

4- Once this time has elapsed, you can begin to assemble your truffles, you can help yourself with a spoon to take the portions out of the bowl.

Make the balls with your hands, and then you can spread them on grated coconut, chocolate powder, almonds or whatever you prefer and that’s it! Enjoy your cannabic truffles, just remember that they are edible so you should consume them in moderation, as the effect takes time to manifest itself and is much stronger and more powerful than other methods.


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