How to prepare a delicious chocolate with marijuana

Written by on 26 October, 2020

Very few people can resist a rich chocolate bar, and if it has the magic touch of marijuana much less. If you are one of those users who loves to combine both ingredients, then the recipe we are going to present you is going to fascinate you.

Look at this post and learn how to prepare, in a very easy way, chocolate with marijuana.

Ingredients and utensils

-3 to 5 grams of finely ground cannabis.

-100 grams of dark chocolate.

-Glass container.


-Chocolate mold.

Steps to follow:

1- The first thing you will do to start this recipe is to decarboxylate your cannabis. It is very easy, just spread your marijuana on a baking tray and bake it at 115°C for 30 to 45 minutes.

2- While your marijuana is decarboxylated, proceed to the next step, which is to melt the chocolate.

3- Place the glass bowl on a pan of boiling water, and add the chocolate on top of the glass bowl and stir occasionally. The chocolate will be smooth and creamy.

4- When the marijuana is decarboxylated, crush it as fine as you can, help yourself by using a grinder.

5- Once you have done the previous step, proceed to add the cannabis to the melted chocolate and mix very well.

6- Finally, if it was well mixed, pour the liquid chocolate over the mold. If you don’t have a chocolate mold, don’t worry, you can use the tray to make ice cubes.

When the mold is full, take it and drop it carefully on the table a few times. This will help eliminate air bubbles trapped inside the chocolate.

Take your tray or mold to the refrigerator and wait until the chocolate is hard and ready.


This recipe has an estimated amount of cannabis in it; depending on your tolerance or experience calculate the dose you will need. Just remember to consume small amounts before trying the next bite because in the marijuana edible takes time to manifest the effect, also hit hard.


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