How to potentiate your joint with twaxing

Written by on 26 September, 2022

When it comes to enjoying marijuana, many smokers are looking for new alternatives to add an extra pinch of potency to their joint, one way to do it is with twaxing.

As you know, twaxing consists in adding some concentrate to a joint, blunt or a bowl with marijuana buds. This method will undoubtedly offer you a more potent high.

Well, keep reading this post, this time we will tell you how to add a stronger touch to your joint with this option.

Ways to potentiate your joint with twaxing

1- Twaxing inside the joint

Choose the concentrate you are going to use, for example if you chose the shatter, what you should do is to place it in the center of the joint and cover it with your joint when rolling it.

Ideally, you should avoid that your concentrate is exposed to the paper; otherwise, the joint will burn unevenly.

One-way to do it right is to first place a layer of buds, add the concentrate in the center and then finish with a layer of your Mary Jane.

If you do it properly, you will enjoy a strong joint that will burn slower and therefore last longer.

2- Twaxing at the tip of the joint

A simple way to enjoy concentrates in your joint is simply add a little Kief to the tip of the joint to enhance the first puff.

Some smokers choose to cover their joint with thin strands of shatter or hot wax in the form of a spider web or just dip the tip of their joint in any extract.

3- Twaxing on the outside of your joint

This is the most artistic and creative option you can put into practice. You just have to heat the shatter a little bit to make it flexible and this way you can wrap it around your joint and give it the shape you want, the most common is a spiral.


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