How to plan the perfect picnic in the company of marijuana?

Written by on 1 July, 2021

When summer comes, there are many activities you can do to distract yourself; who doesn’t love to throw a blanket on the ground, eat something tasty and relax outdoors? We know we all love it.

Picnics are an excellent alternative to enjoy a pleasant moment in the company of your friends or partner, and the best thing is that you can do it at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

Have you thought about incorporating marijuana into your regular picnic routine? Yes, here are some tips on how to plan a perfect picnic in the company of a special guest: marijuana.

1- Create a mix of regular foods with cannabis-infused edibles

One of the best parts of a picnic, of course, is all the delicious food involved. If you only bring edibles, we can’t guarantee you won’t fall asleep. That’s why we recommend you create a balance between regular foods like sandwiches or fruit with edibles like brownies, gummies, or cookies.

It’s all about enjoyment, you and your friends will have a fantastic time. Just remember that the effects of marijuana edibles take time to manifest and hit harder.

2- Choose an ideal place

There are places where you can have a 420 picnic with your friends; you can do it in the backyard of your house, at the beach, in the countryside or the mountains.

We recommend you to find an isolated or uncrowded area where you can freely enjoy smoking and consuming your Mary Jane. You will feel more comfortable.

3- Bring the right accessories

At a picnic, you are one of those who prefer to enjoy a smoke session. We recommend you bring your joints ready to avoid wasting your cannabis while you roll it.

Likewise, if you opt for another method of consumption, we advise you to bring the right accessories to smoke your cannabis. A vaporizer can be an ideal option as they are discreet devices; make sure you choose one that is resistant and suitable for outdoor adventures.

4- Don’t forget the drinks

When it comes to organizing a summer picnic, drinks are necessary. Luckily, you can decide to buy cannabis-infused drinks from a store or make them yourself.
If you are one of those who prefer to make your drinks, there are a variety of options you can make to cool off on those hot days, such as cold lemonades, of course, adding the magic touch of marijuana. Just consume in moderation.



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