How to make high power CANNABUTTER?

Written by on 13 May, 2020

Learn with us how to make your own Cannabutter! A recipe that will serve you for different occasions and cannabic delights.

You will need few ingredients, such as salted butter, water and, of course, a good amount of trimmings and buds, or a mixture of both.

It is lovely to use the THC and cannabinoids provided by the cannabis plants and one way to take advantage of the cuttings, is to make a delicious and powerful cannabutter with them.


– 28 g of cured trimmings (preferably the small leaves of the buds)
– 14g of bud (of the quality you prefer)
– 250 g salted butter (highest melting point)
– 300ml of water (plus about 50ml for every hour of cooking)
– 1 casserole
– 1 sharp knife (for faster results, use a blender)
– 1 stovetop
– 1 cheesecloth (a kitchen sieve)
– 1 storage container (glass)
– Between 8 and 24 hours of your time (for slow cooking)

The material must have been cured in glass jars for 14 days.

If you are making cannabis butter for the first time, try it with less trimmings and bud first.


– Start by cutting up the off-cuts and the inferior buds. If you don’t want to handle a sharp knife, use a blender. Then, we have to decarboxylate our marijuana.

– Preheat the oven to 100°C to 115°C. Grind your weed and spread it out on a sturdy ovenproof glass or ceramic container. When the oven is ready, leave the weed for 30-40 minutes. It takes time! Then, when it is ready, let it cool down.

– Melt the butter in the pan; add the herb with the amount of water. Let the mixture simmer, at a very low temperature. Do not cover the pan, so that the water evaporates. The 300ml of water we had at the beginning becomes steam, but the butter stays in the mixture. This is very important because we are going to need the butter at the end. Butter is our carrier material for cannabinoids and THC, so it must be protected from heat and evaporation.

– The right temperature is when small bubbles form, that indicates it has the right temperature. You should add 50-100 ml of water per hour, after 8 hours of simmering. Then you have to strain the mixture to separate the material from the butter.

– Strain the mixture with a tin, or any other material to separate the scraps from the butter. Pour the liquid into the glass container and put it in the refrigerator. After a few hours, your cannabis butter is READY.

You already have a tasty, high-potency delicacy. Have fun with this recipe and enjoy a high with CANNABUTTER!

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