How to make coconut oil from marijuana

Written by on 12 June, 2020

Coconut oil is used in recipes, beauty treatments, remedies; in short, you can use it for many things. In addition, how about adding marijuana to it, the result is great; in fact, it is one of the most sought after products in the cannabis industry.

This type of oil is similar to cannabutter, but coconut oil has the advantage of having a high concentration of saturated fat, therefore, it can absorb more THC than butter.

Mixing cannabis and coconut oil will allow you to enjoy the benefits of both substances at the same time. Look at this post to learn how to do it.


1 cup of coconut oil (about 200g)

1 cup of cannabis buds/trimmings (about 10g)


Fine cloth

Bain Marie

Storage container

Large wooden spoon

Let’s get to work!

The first thing you should do is crush your buds or stems into small, not so fine pieces. Then put the crushed cannabis and coconut oil in a bain-marie.

Heat the mixture over a low heat for about 6-8 hours, and stir from time to time with the help of the spoon. If necessary, add water. This process will decarboxylate your cannabis.

Once the time has passed, remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool down. Then strain the oil with the cheesecloth and dispose of the remaining plant material.

Then store your oil in a container and that’s it. After a few hours, you can enjoy your oil and add it to your edibles.


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