How to make cannabis extract charas

Written by on 21 November, 2020

The cannabic world there is a great amount of options to consume cannabis, from smoking a joint to consuming a concentrate or extract; in fact, on this last one there is still much to explore, since a great variety of extracts of marijuana exists.

Based on this, in this post we want to show you how to make charas.


Although this extract requires a lot of patience, effort and marijuana, the truth is that charas is a cannabis extract with a simple production, that is to say, that can be made fulfilling simple steps, and in addition, it does not need any solvent.

The charas is obtained of the alive or green vegetal matter. It uses flowers that are close to reaching maturity, cut off the excess leaves, but leave a part of the stem. You will also need your hands to be very clean (for a, wash them well, and try to avoid using soaps or excessively perfumed lotions).

Simple steps

Take some fresh buds and rub them gently against the palm of one hand, helping you with your thumb to extract more oil.

You will begin to notice that a thick, sticky, dark substance will come out of the buds. Well, when you have extracted enough resin from the buds, you are ready to start making your balls or charas bars.

Continue rubbing slowly to create the balls. The slower you go and the more patient you are during the whole process, the better the quality of your charas will be.

Final considerations

Keep in mind that these extracts are quite potent, so take it easy. Of course, remember to store them correctly.




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