How to make a joint with rose petals

Written by on 13 October, 2022

When it comes to enjoying the psychoactive effect of marijuana, many smokers put their imagination to work and come up with new ways and methods to enhance their experience.

If you are one of those users who like to try new things maybe learning how to roll a joint using rose petals will interest you.

Yes, just as you are reading, you can use these flowers to roll the joint, besides, this alternative is ideal for those moments when you have run out of rolling papers, and on the other hand, many claim that the floral flavor it acquires is delicious. Follow us and learn more details.

How to roll it?

Rolling a joint with rose petals is actually a very simple process; you just need to have a little patience. To begin with, you will need to find three natural rose petals and of course, you precious Mary Jane.

Take the three petals, which are not completely dry, and take them to the oven on a tray, the intention is to heat them for a moment, so that they can be folded and manipulated more easily.

After heating them, join the three petals with your saliva, some people find it difficult, so they stick these flowers with concentrates. Then put them back in the oven. Afterwards, you can pour your cannabis and start rolling and that’s it!

Final Considerations

As you noticed, although it’s not the norm, you can roll a joint using the petals of a rose. Moreover, for your experience to be elevated to the maximum, the ideal is to choose the best cannabis strains for it.

To roll your joint, some people recommend using cannabis strains such as White Lavender, Kandy Kush, Sweet Skunk, among others. Choose the strain you like the most and enjoy your 420 session.

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