How to make a Cavi Cone by yourself

Written by on 7 December, 2022

Have you ever smoked a pre-rolled joint? Surely yes, well, the Cavi Cones are similar, but they offer you a much greater experience.

You will see, this product is made with more than just buds inside, because it also contains some marijuana concentrates and Kief.

If you are attracted to these pre-rolled conical joints, then say no more and make your own version at home. Follow these tips.

How to roll a Cavi Cone

To roll this type of joint you need to gather all the materials you will need. Get large papers, ground cannabis buds, and concentrated oil or wax and kief crystals.

We recommend that the cannabis you choose is a variety that is characterized by being extremely aromatic and tasty.

To start making your Cavi Cone is very simple, you just have to roll your joint, as you would normally do; only you would add the concentrate and the Kief on top. However, some people prefer to dip the rolling papers in the concentrate and then let them dry before using them.

This process is very simple, but if you have little experience in rolling reefers you may find it difficult to get everything into a cone, but don’t be discouraged, the Cavi Cone will be worth it.

These cone joints are powerful, so go easy and enjoy your 420 session.

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