How to improve the quality of smoking

Written by on 11 October, 2020

Who hasn’t smoked a joint before, the truth is that this form of consumption is one of the most popular ways to get high, so, surely you have already experienced this alternative.

If you’re one of those who likes to smoke cannabis regularly you’ll most likely be constantly looking for options to enhance your experience, if so, then this post is the one for you, take a look and take note of some tips to improve the quality of your smoke.

1- Choose good quality cannabis

To enjoy your smoke to the maximum one of the aspects that you must consider is to select marijuana of good quality, although to determine which cannabis is the best really will depend on your preferences, there are certain indications that can help you to identify good buds.

For example, to select quality cannabis, you can look at its smell, it is usually intense, its taste should be mild, and the buds should usually be sticky, due to the amount of resin they contain.

On the other hand, it is also ideal to be well informed about the characteristics of the plant you are choosing to ensure that when you smoke it you will get the affects you want.

2- Get the right rolling paper

In the cannabis, market exists a great variety of rolls made with different materials like rice or hemp; you can choose the one that more adapts to your tastes.

Generally, it is recommended to use papers of smoking without whitening, this way, the combustion will be much cleaner and uniform. Keep in mind that if you use a good rolling paper the quality of your smoke can improve.

3- Use a filter or nozzle

Although it is not mandatory, actually using a filter for your joint can offer you several benefits, as this tool will improve the airflow. Smoking will be easier with a filter because you will no longer have to inhale too hard to enjoy a good puff.

In addition, using filters as part of your daily routine when smoking cannabis not only will allow you to get the most out of your marijuana but also will make it easier to roll your joints.

4- Perform the curing process properly

After making the manicured and dried your cannabis properly, the next step is to make the cure, if you do it correctly, when you smoke your marijuana you will notice the difference because your buds will produce a smooth and delicious smoke, instead of rough. You will be able to preserve its exquisite flavors and you will contribute to that, it increases its psychoactive power.





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