How to hide your cannabis at home

Written by on 22 September, 2022

Unfortunately, there are still cannabis users who do not have the possibility to have their pot at home freely, because not everyone is lucky enough to live with people who accept cannabis.

Well, if that is your case, do not worry, since here we will give you some simple advices so that you can maintain hidden your mota and far from its detractors and curious.

Aspects that you must consider when hiding your Mary Jane

Before introducing you to the places where you can hide your Mary Jane, it is important that you consider a number of things:

1) Cannabis smell:   

When you are going to hide your mota you must have present that one of the main factors so that this one is discovered, is the scent, therefore, you must try that in the place that you choose to maintain it hidden there are not filtrations of scents. We recommend you to keep your cannabis in airtight glass bottles.

2) Store properly

While it is true that what it is about is that nobody discovers your precious buds, keep in mind that so that these are conserved in good state, you will have to be attentive to certain factors that can affect your cannabis like the temperature, light, and humidity.

If your mota is not stored, correctly, this one can degrade or also it can leave him mold, which would be a catastrophe. Before storing it, make sure your buds have been properly manicured, dried and cured.

3) Don’t be obvious

Although it may be obvious advice, it is not superfluous to remind you to make sure that your mota is in a place where no one can easily find it.

Discreet places to hide your mota

1) Hollow books

This trick is a classic. Surely, you have seen it in some movie. Hollow books are an excellent hiding place because it is a rather discreet option. If you have a huge library, you can hide the “fake” book, among other books, but make sure, it is in a strategic place, and not in sight of everyone.

2) Old electronic devices

At home, there is usually old electronic device such as a radio, telephone or computer that no one has used for years. Well that can become your perfect hiding place. Of course, you should try to make sure it’s a device that never is plugged in, since it could cause a fire.

3) In the Garden

If you have a garden at home, hiding your cannabis in the natural environment can be a good option; of course, as long as you keep your buds in an airtight container and make sure it has the right environmental conditions for storage.

Remember that light is one of the main reasons for the degradation of cannabis.

You can hide your cannabis among the flowers so that the smell of cannabis is better disguised and you don’t attract the curious.




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