How to hide when you’re high?

Written by on 12 April, 2020

If you want to keep a low profile and hide, don’t let your friends or family know you’re high? Pay attention to the information we have for you.

Follow the advice we give you today, special tips to hide or disguise when you are high.



  • Cannabis use produces certain telltale signs. It’s always a good idea to wear sunglasses, some eye drops, gum or even deodorant. Sploofs (a kind of filter that prevents smoke and smell from dissipating) also help.


  • Remember to wash your hands, and perhaps brush your teeth, as handling grass can leave a very strong smell.


  • You can’t stop laughing! So, don’t say anything about the euphoria you’re feeling, you’ll give yourself away instantly. Just act normal.


  • Keep conversations short, the high won’t last long. Try to stay with people who like to smoke like you, otherwise, talk little.


  • If you tend to get cravings, be prepared well in advance and have only healthy snacks on hand.


  • You can change your clothes if you wish, the smell is sometimes strong. It is good to have air fresheners or candles.


Take into account the tips we share with you, you will enjoy your high and will go unnoticed everywhere.

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