How to have a more positive high?

Written by on 5 October, 2022

Marijuana generates unique sensations and effects in each person. Some stoners may feel a little more joyful and others may simply awaken their creative side, just to give an example.

Well, depending on the type of high you experience this will either make your 420 session enjoyable or a bust. That’s why in this post we’ll give you some simple tips to make your high much more positive.

1) Take a moment and relax

Mental attitude does have a great influence on the way in which we face the various situations that we face in life, and the high is no exception.

In this sense, when it comes to lighting your stash, keep a positive disposition and focus on the present moment. The rest will come on your own.

2) Environment

In addition to having a positive attitude, the environment you’re in certainly influences the way the high develops.

So put on some music to set the mood and make sure you have a comfortable space to smoke. You can find your favorite chair and don’t forget to have food and drinks on hand.

3) Prepare your session well

Regardless of the method of consumption you choose to get high, make sure everything is clean and ready for your session. Using dirty vaporizers or smoking a badly rolled joint will cause unpleasant sensations that are sure to make your experience less than favorable.

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