How to get high on cannabis more safely

Written by on 27 July, 2022

Many smokers will agree that there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a good trip in the company of weed, and if this is of great potency and delicious flavors even better.

Well, to make your experience with weed much more pleasurable, today we will give you 3 tips to get you high with this flower in a safer way.

1- Use marijuana from reliable sources

If you prefer to purchase your weed from a dispensary instead of growing it yourself, we recommend that you do so from reliable sources. Make sure that the marijuana you are going to smoke or vaporize is in good condition, free of mold and fungus, as it can be harmful to you if you consume those flowers.

2- Start with small doses

To live a much safer and enjoyable experience with marijuana edibles for example, it is best to start with small doses.

You will see, this form of consumption is usually quite potent and its effects usually take time to manifest, therefore, start small and wait to feel the effects before ingesting your cannabis dish again.

3- Smoke pure marijuana and use an active carbon filter

If you smoke your weed pure, without adding tobacco for example, you will be able to enjoy the flavor of your weed to the fullest and it will be much healthier. Sure, you probably think about the harmful particles that are produced by smoking, but you can use an active carbon filter; it will largely filter out any unwanted particles from your smoke without compromising the taste of your cannabis.


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