How to get high faster with marijuana edibles

Written by on 1 November, 2022

We all know that cannabis edibles can give you a longer-lasting, psychedelic experience compared to other methods. However, their effect takes longer to manifest.

Maybe waiting so long to feel the effects of your favorite weed can make you a little impatient, but don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips to make them hit you faster.

Use tinctures

THC tinctures are the most traditional edible cannabis extract. This alternative to get high is usually consumed by placing a few drops under the tongue, therefore, by bypassing the digestive process the high can come on faster.

With this method, you can start enjoying the effect of THC almost immediately. The best thing is that you can do it yourself and they are easy to dose.

Opt for specially designed edibles

In the cannabis market there are products that seek to satisfy the tastes and preferences of weed lovers, which is why, in this case, some products are specifically designed to try to accelerate the high.

Among these edibles there are all kinds and produce varied effects, choose the one that best suits your preferences, just make sure they are quality products.

Choose cannabis-infused drinks

Cannabis-infused drinks are a very discreet and ideal option to consume when you are away from home. Well, some users claim that this alternative can make the high come on a little faster.

Try some of these options and find out which one hits faster, it’s all about experimenting and enjoying the weed. Just remember they are edible so go easy.

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