How to experience more potent effects when using marijuana

Written by on 26 November, 2022

If you use marijuana regularly, you may find that at certain times you get bored with your usual routine and even dissatisfied with the high you’re getting, but don’t worry! As long as you don’t miss the weed, there will always be ways to fix it.

Keep reading this article; here are some tips to help you experience a more potent high on your next date with Mary Jane.

Choose THC-rich strains

Get a potent high with your weed; an ideal tip is to smoke strains with higher THC percentages.

The truth is that in the cannabis market, there are many options of quite potent strains that you can choose.

For example, Cookies Gelato from Royal Queen Seeds is a delight for cannabis lovers as this flower has a THC level of approximately 28%. A single hit of this plant will give you a cerebral euphoria that will last for several hours.

Try an Ice Bong

Bongs offer smooth and cool puffs, so many users opt to use these devices to get high.

An Ice Bong is very similar to a regular bong, the difference being that the former has a compartment for placing ice cubes.

These devices allow you to cool down your experience smoke will be smooth and delicious, which translates into a much more enjoyable experience.

Also, some claim that it allows you to take big puffs and ultimately feel a much stronger effect.

Opt for edibles with concentrates

One way to get higher than usual is by consuming marijuana edibles. This form of consumption is usually more potent, and the effect is also longer lasting. You can purchase your edibles from a dispensary or make your own at home.

If you want to experience a different 420 moment, you can choose to prepare edibles with cannabis concentrates; avoid overdoing it because, depending on the dose, the effect can be much strong.

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