How to crush cannabis without a grinder

Written by on 2 November, 2020

In general, all smoker uses a grinder to crush its marijuana, or to smoke it in a joint or to add it to a recipe of an edible.

Independently for what you need your crushed buds, it is ideal to count on a grinder, but what happens if you do not count on this tool? Don’t roll around, there are other ways to grind your cannabis that can work for you. Look at this post and take note of 3 alternatives:

1- Cheese grater

A grater is a utensil that surely you are going to find in the kitchen of your house, so, you do not have excuse not to crush your favorite marijuana. This tool can process your cannabis very well.

Just imagine that your buds are a piece of cheese, and start grating. Be sure to work on a tray or plate to collect any remaining marijuana dust.

Make sure the grater is clean, free of food particles, and after use don’t forget to clean it.

2- Scissors and a shot glass

This method is perhaps one of the most used by the smokers when they do not have a grinder at hand, since it is a simple and fast alternative to crush your plant.

Start by looking for a pair of scissors and a shot glass, make sure both utensils are clean.

Place the bud in the glass and start cutting it with the scissors. In a short time, you will have your plant shredded.

3- Use your hands

Ultimately, if you can’t carry out the options mentioned above, don’t worry, your hands are also a resource you can use. Yes, just as you are reading, if you are not at home and don’t have a scissors or knife nearby to cut your cannabis, you have nothing left but to use your hands.

Take a few buds with one hand, and with the other hand begin to crumble the marijuana into small pieces. Place a tray underneath so that nothing is wasted.

With the help of a piece of cardboard, you can scrape off the remains of the resin that will stick to your hands.

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