How to consume cannabis on the beach

Written by on 18 November, 2021

Many surely in some opportunity have felt like having a 420 beach, nevertheless, not all have the possibility of being placed contemplating the sea, because, most of the beaches are public and depending on where you are, if you smoke cannabis in the beach you can get in trouble.

For that reason, you probably want to keep a low profile, so here we will give you some advice on how to smoke cannabis on the beach and not raise suspicions. Anyway, it is important that you are aware of the consequences and analyze if it is worth smoking a joint on the beach or wait until you get home.

Here are the tips:

1) Use public transport

If you use public transportation instead of going to the beach with your car, you are more likely to be surprised by a police checkpoint. So go with your friends and take a bus straight to the beach. By doing so, you will also be avoiding that the trips are a danger for you and other drivers because we do not recommend you to drive under the influence of cannabis.

2) Avoid crowded beaches

Try to choose beaches that are not full of people or try to attend at off-peak hours, this way you will be much more comfortable and less nervous at the idea of someone finding it annoying that you are consuming mota. You can also choose to get away from the crowds.

Stay alone with your friends with whom you decided to spend a day at the beach. It is better that you attend the beach with other smokers, because the cannabis can alter the behavior temporarily, and to go accompanied of friends is recommendable since the most experienced could help you to surpass situations in which you feel overwhelmed.

3) Do not put yourself in danger

How you know to consume your Mary Jane can affect your perception and level of consciousness so don’t put yourself in danger. Avoid risky activities such as scuba diving or jet skis, it is even better not to go in the water when you are stoned, the waves can be quite dangerous and it will be easier to be swept to the bottom.

If you want to do this type of practice, it is better to do it before consuming cannabis. Remember that it is about having fun, not endangering your life.

For that reason, for your eagerness to get away from everyone, try not to be in forbidden areas. In order to solve any eventuality that can appear, it tries always to have in the vicinity (near you) a monitoring post or lifeguards, and who are of great aid in an emergency.

4) Use a vaporizer

One thing you can do to try to enjoy the mote in a quiet and discreet way, is to use a vaporizer because you get rid of that smoke that sticks everywhere.

5) Stay hydrated

The mota favors the dryness of the mouth, and if we add the intense heat, you can imagine. Stay well hydrated and go prepared with fresh water and fruit. Also, do not forget the umbrella and alternate periods of sun exposure with others of rest in the shade.

6) Take care of your Maria

In addition to taking care of yourself, try to make sure that your marijuana is in the best condition to be consumed. For no reason let, it get wet or full of dirt. Store it properly.

We advised to you to take it already prepared either in form of joints or of eatable (this last one is more discreet, but eye with the effects remembers that they take in manifesting themselves).

Carry only the amount you need for yourself. Carrying more could get you into trouble or exhaust your reserves more than you really want to. Enjoy!




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