How to clean your bong easily

Written by on 21 September, 2020

If you are one of those users who loves to use a bong to enjoy marijuana, you probably use this device very often. If this is your case, you need to know that if you don’t keep this consumption tool clean, its constant use can accumulate residues.

If you keep your smoking accessories clean, you will still get a delicious taste, smooth puffs and a more pleasant experience. Anyway, for those and other reasons it is ideal to keep your glass bong clean, so, take a look at this post and take a look at how you can easily clean it.

Materials you will need:

1- Hot water.

2- Isopropyl alcohol.

3- Salt.

4- Materials for stoppers (cotton balls, gauze or hand towels)

5- Small Ziploc bags.

Steps to follow:

1- To start cleaning your bong, it is important that it is empty. Remove the tube with the pan and separate all the removable elements from the bong.

2- Once you have disassembled your device, rinse everything in hot water. This will help make the accumulated resin softer, which will gradually begin to come off the walls of the bong.

Rinse it by filling the bong several times and emptying the water until you notice that the walls are more transparent.

3- Then place the pieces of your bong in different airtight bags (except for the main body of the bong, which will be cleaned separately), and fill a 1/4 of these bags with isopropyl alcohol along with a spoonful of salt. These combined ingredients will allow you to remove as much dirt as possible.

4- Once you have sealed the bags, shake them vigorously for approximately 5 minutes, so that the alcohol is distributed everywhere, and it is easier to clean the bong.

5- Proceed to clean the body of the bong. Pour 2 spoons of salt inside the standard size bong and add approximately half a cup of the alcohol you used before, and cover all the holes of the bong (with the cotton or hand towels) to shake it as you did with the pieces that are in the bags.

6- Finally, remove the pieces from the bags and drain off all the salt and alcohol, and rinse all the parts of the bong in hot water again. When rubbing it, thanks to the hot water all the particles that had not yet been rubbed out will be removed.

How often should you clean your bong?

How often you should clean your smoking utensils will depend on how consistently you use your devices. If you smoke your bong every day, the resin will build up faster, while if you use it once a week, the residue will take longer to build up.

After each use, you can choose to give your bong a quick rinse, the more often you clean it the better for you.

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