How to clean a dabbing rig

Written by on 6 February, 2021

Every cannabis user has their own favorite method of consumption. Some prefer the traditional method of rolling a joint and smoking it, while others go further and opt for devices such as vaporizers, bongs or dab rigs.

As you may have noticed, after several sessions, residues accumulate in these devices, which can spoil your experience, which is why it is recommended to clean them constantly.

Keep reading, this time we are going to give you some tips to clean a dabbing rig.

Why you should clean your rig

As we mentioned, keeping consumer devices clean is very important. Over time, resin starts to build up in the rig, which can alter the taste of your dabs, and of course, no one wants that. If your device is dirty, your dabs will also be compromised as they will be much rougher.

How to clean your rig

To start cleaning your rig you need to have all the tools you will need at hand. You can opt for special rig cleaning formulas or prepare your own homemade solution. If you decide for the latter, you will need to get:

-Isopropyl alcohol (90% or more)

-Coarse salt

-Large plastic bags with zipper

-Dabber, paper clip or stencil

-Dry cloth

-Rubber stoppers

Please note that if your rig is made of silicone you should not use isopropyl alcohol, as it may damage the device.

Steps to follow

Depending how dirty the entire device is and the material the nail is made of, different cleaning methods are used. This time we will talk about how to clean a regular banger style quartz.

To begin with, plug all the holes in the rig with the rubber stoppers, except for the mouthpiece, fill it with hot water and let it soak. This will allow you to loosen the resin.

Then pour the isopropyl alcohol into the airtight bags and completely submerge the removable parts of your rig, and add the coarse salt.  Each part should be in a separate bag.

Be sure to shake the bags well until the residue is dislodged. After thoroughly rinsing all the parts, you should dry them with a soft cloth.

Then replace the water in the rig with alcohol and enough coarse salt. Close the nozzle with the rubber stopper and shake the rig. You can let it soak for a couple of hours.

When you notice that the residue is gone, get rid of the alcohol and salt, and rinse the rig with warm water. Remove the stoppers and wipe the outside of the rig with a cloth.

If you do not have much time, you can choose to scrape the resin with the dabber applying a little force and that’s it.




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