How often should you change the water in your bong?

Written by on 27 November, 2020

To enjoy the marijuana there are alternatives that you can choose, one of them is to do it through a bong, these devices are easy to use, they come in different models and in addition, with these you can obtain smooth and fresh puffs.

Regardless of the model or material with which the bong is made, one aspect you should always take into account when using this device is that the water should be changed constantly, but how often? Well if you don’t know yet don’t worry, here we tell you.

How often should you change the water in your bong?

There are many reasons why it is ideal to change the water in your bong frequently, it is advisable to do so after each session, but if you can’t, then do so as regularly as possible. Some people advise to do it once a day.

You will see, the water in the bong is a very important factor to take into account since it can influence your experience, and of course, you will want it to be the best. The dirty water in the bong can change the taste of the smoke, making it much less pleasant. Don’t let that stinky smell and taste mix with the nuances of your cannabis.

Besides influencing the taste of your smoke and that is unhygienic, using a bong when the water is dirty can also have negative consequences for your health since it is most likely to have bacteria in it and that is what you will be inhaling, so you should not take it so lightly.

Final considerations

Changing the water in your bong constantly is not the same as cleaning it, in fact, it is not something you necessarily have to do after each session, however, and it is recommended to clean it constantly to make the overall experience more enjoyable. The frequency of cleaning will really depend on how often you use your bong.








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