How much of Mary Jane is considered a Microdose?

Written by on 11 May, 2020

Microdoses are a new and growing trend in the cannabis industry, especially in the grocery market, and could end up changing the way we use marijuana. Join us! And learn more about this interesting topic.

Many people may wonder: what is the amount needed? or what is the effective amount?

The answer is: It depends on the minimum effective dose (MED) and varies greatly from one individual to another. The amount of THC that will result in a rise or brain effect is higher or lower depending on the genetics of the cannabinoid receptors, previous consumption, body weight and the individual’s metabolism.

Generally speaking, 2.5 to 10 mg of THC is considered a microdose. Michelle Ross says that, from a neuroscientist’s perspective, she advises new users to start at the lower end of this range.

You may wonder at this point, how much THC is in an average joint? If we take 0.4 grams of cannabis with an active ingredient content of 18%, that means 72 mg of THC. Because some of the active ingredient is lost during the combustion process, the final effect is more like inhaling 35 mg of THC.

You could microdose with any form of consumption you normally use. For example, you could take just one puff if you smoke or vaporize, or you could eat a third of your usual portion if you eat a lot of food. As long as you’re consuming a minimal amount of marijuana, you’re microdosing.

Low dose: big effect?

The idea behind microdose is nothing new, and has its origins in the world of medicine. A drug is always administered in the minimum dose necessary to be effective. Like medicines, cannabis and alcohol have a two-phase effect. This means that low and high doses of the same substance have reciprocal effects.

Lower doses act more like a stimulant; higher doses can lead to anxiety and other side effects.

In almost any social circle, we find people who want to take just a few puffs. Others, however, seek to relax and stimulate their creativity but without being stuck on the couch or becoming mentally hyperactive.

The most remarkable thing for the recreational user is the reduction in marijuana costs. However, not only do you save money, you could also find a balance in your cannabis intake and discover the best way to use it to its full potential.

In your daily life, microdosing could help control mood, anxiety and stress.

TAKE ACTION! With microdoses, you will have your 420th hour a day, no matter where you are.



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