How do you know when your cannabis is of good quality?

Written by on 7 September, 2020

Whether you like to smoke, vaporize or prepare some delicious edibles to get high, it is ideal to have good quality cannabis to make the most of your experience.

To identify and select the best cannabis there is no formula as such, because it will depend on the tastes and preferences of the users, however, there are certain indications that you can take into account when going to the dispensary.

Low quality buds

 Low quality cannabis is often transported in the form of compact cubes. These types of plants are usually available on the black market. In addition, many beginner growers could make mistakes in the process of growing and produce poor buds unintentionally.

Generally, when your cannabis is of low quality it tends to be less colorful than the average cannabis, it is usually dark, more brown than green, it has lack of aroma and its flavor can become bitter and earthy. In addition, it is probable that it has less concentration of cannabinoids and lack of power. The effect that it can cause is a sensation of stupefaction and laziness.

Good quality buds

Good quality buds have distinctive characteristics to those mentioned above, so you can recognize them when you go to buy them.

One of the aspects that you must identify is the scent of your plant, because when it is of good quality, this one usually is intense and penetrating, its aroma can vary between scents like fruits, pines or candy, everything will depend on the variety of marijuana that you choose.

The buds usually are of green color and sometimes they are combined with diverse tonalities, habitually reddish, orange or violets.

Make sure to choose those buds that are well manicured, without too much rest of leaves and stems. When you touch the buds they should be sticky, due to the amount of resin they contain and should not fall apart or break. You can choose those that are large or medium.

When trying a good marijuana its flavor must be smooth and the effect is not only usually pleasant, you can also experience laughter, creativity, euphoria, relaxation, among others.


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