How do you deal with running out of rolling paper to keep smoking?

Written by on 22 April, 2020

As a user of cannabis surely once you were about to smoke a good joint, but you realized that you had no more rolling paper, if this happens in a time when you can not go for more, well, do not worry, luckily you can solve otherwise and here we show you how.

Learning the alternatives that we are going to present to you next can represent a real lifesaver in those emergencies. These options are easy to put into practice because you can make them with your own hands using even materials that are at home.


1- Pipes with fruit

Creating pipes with fruit is one of the ways to solve; you can use apples, pineapples, watermelons among others, preferably the first one.

Use a pen and make a hole that communicates with each other in the center of the fruit, at the bottom and on the side, forming a 90º angle at the junction of both.

Then proceed to fill the top hole of the apple with a little of your cannabis, light it and suck in the other hole.


2 – Knife

Using a hot knife when you run out of rolling paper is usually one of the best-known techniques, but you must be careful when you put it into practice.

What you’ll need is some marijuana, a wooden board, two knives and a heat source, either a gas stove or a stovetop.

To start, place the buds on the wooden board, heat the blades of the knives, when they are hot enough, squeeze the buds and take advantage of the smoke that is generated.


3- Aluminum pipe

What you will need to make this pipe is a piece of aluminum foil measuring about 20×10 cm and a pen.

Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the pen in the shape of a cone or cylinder.  Once you have obtained the appropriate shape, remove the pen. Then about 2cm from the tip at its widest end, fold it at a 90º angle. This is where you will insert your cannabis, while the narrowest area is where you will smoke this pipe.

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