How do you cut your marijuana flower?

Written by on 26 January, 2022

As a marijuana user, you will know that one of the first steps to prepare a joint is precisely to grind or cut the buds of your weed.

There are different alternatives to grinding a marijuana flower, and learning the difference between them could be the key to improving your cannabis experience.

Here’s a look at some of the options you can implement to cut cannabis buds:

– Breaking up marijuana flowers by hand

For some smokers, shredding marijuana with their fingers is part of a general ritual, however, doing it this way is not the best way to prepare a blunt or joint because you will never cut your bud as fine as you want and the oily residue left on your fingers will make it difficult to manipulate the paper.

As a workaround, you can opt to run your weed through a grater to get a more delicate and uniform tear than you would get using your fingers alone.

– Cutting the buds with scissors

Although this alternative is not the most ideal for shredding your weed, it is a method that can work. It can be convenient, clean and you can get the tools at home.

To begin the process, find a shot glass and a pair of scissors. Place the buds inside the glass and use the scissors as a pestle and mortar, crushing and cutting the buds as they settle to the bottom of the glass.

Be patient and try hard, you may find that the pieces you cut are small enough to make a decent joint.

– To grind the marijuana mechanically

With the help of a grinder (grinder) or grinder, you crumble your flowers much better. With this device, you will get the right consistency.

Grinding your cannabis with the help of a grinder is much more comfortable because you avoid getting your hands sticky. Besides, with this tool, you will spoil less the resin.

Also, keep in mind that cutting your buds with a grinder will allow the plant matter to burn better when you turn it on.

Which option do you prefer? Choose the alternative that suits you best and start preparing your joint.

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