How can you store your cannabis edibles?

Written by on 19 October, 2022

Marijuana edibles is one of the most popular methods among cannabis lovers, since with this consumption alternative it is no longer necessary to wait for sophisticated or technological utensils, such as modern vaporizers or bongs, to enjoy your favorite plant.

This way of ingesting cannabis is very simple, you just have to prepare your cannabis food and eat it. Besides, they are very easy to make and you can elaborate a great variety of recipes.

When you prepare your dishes with marijuana, one of the doubts that may cross your mind is how long your food can be kept or how you can store it. Keep reading this post; here we will talk to you about it.

Can be damaged your cannabis edibles?

Just as food doesn’t last forever, so does any cannabis-infused product. For example, a marijuana Brownie can be damaged in the same period as a normal Brownie.

If you keep your cannabis food properly, the THC potency will degrade very slowly, but the shelf life of your food will really depend on the food you are preparing and the ingredients you use. That is to say, the THC can remain active for several months, but perhaps your product for that time is already expired.

Depending on the product you have, freezing the food may be one of the most effective ways to preserve it for as long as possible.

You can store your food in airtight containers, preferably glass, instead of plastic, and make sure they are opaque to avoid exposure to light.

Tips for preserving your edibles

1- The refrigerator is your best ally to keep your food cannabic; it will extend the life of your precious food.

2- It is always ideal to take out portions of your food, do not bite them directly as they could be exposed to the bacteria in your mouth, which would accelerate their degradation.

3- If you are buying commercial food, it is advisable to check its expiration date and labeling, so it will be easier for you to determine the best way to store it.

4- The cannabutter is one of the most used ingredients to prepare the cannabic edible ones, of course; also, you will want that it last to you more time. An option for it is that you conserve your butter of marijuana in a hermetic container; you can keep it in the freezer or refrigerator.

5- It is recommended that you write down the date of packing of the edible ones to know when they were stored.

6- Edibles are prone to mold, therefore, it is ideal to be aware at the time of consumption.



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